Golden Horses Lung Shield
Herbal Remedy
What is Golden Horses Lung Shield?
National Health Commissions & State Administration of TCM has shown data to prove that TCM helped to ease symptoms, stabilise the condition and shorten the treatment process.

The main ingredients and benefit of the GHHS Lung Shield Herbal remedy as a preventive formula during this covid pandemic.

Golden Horses Lung Shield herbal remedy helps to nourish the lung and reinforce body's immune function, enhance body anti-inflammatory action. It's been widely used to treat sinusitis. It is a proprietary blend of warming nature herbs such as Astragalus root (黄芪) & Siler root (防风) to strengthen lung & spleen function, enhancing the defensive layer of the skin. Addition of Honey suckle flower (金银花) also helps to clear lung heat & reduce toxicity. Suitable for warm & damp environment in Malaysia. LINGZHI capsule to consume after to stabilise the effect. 



How to take Golden Horses Lung Shield Product
►Lung Shield Herbal Remedy (liquid)

Recommended dose:
One set a month for 10 days dosage, continuously for at least 6 months to a year.

Instructions to use:
Warm up the packet in the hot water for 10 mins before drinking. Strictly 1 hour after meal.

Dose to consume
- Preventive measure: 1 packet a day (after meal)
- Below 12 years old: Half packet a day
- *Mild symptoms: Please refer to GHHS TCM Chinese physician

Dosage Recommendations

- Instructions to use: 2 capsules a day (morning)  *Start once completed the herbal drink
- Children below: 1 capsule a day
- 12 years old *Only suitable for children age 3 and above

►Lung Shield Herbal Remedy (Capsule)
1 capsule contains 0.40g,60 capsules for oral use.

- Adults and children 7 years and over: take 2 ca capsules per dose, once a day.
- Children under 6 years: Consult a certified practitioner
- Uses: To strengthen lung function & remove toxic heat ;
- Supplementary dosage: take 2 capsules daily for 30 days.
- With mild symptoms: take 3 capsules, 3 times a day (consult a certified Chinese Physician for further instruction)


每月1套(10天量), 连续调理6个月至1年

服用方法 :
- 预防作用: 一天 一包
- 小孩小于12岁: 一天半包
- 轻微症状: 请网上看诊咨询中医师

- 完成汤药疗程后开始每日早上饭后2颗。小孩小于 12岁服用一颗。

- 成人& 七岁以上: 每日服用 2 颗,一天一次
- 6 岁一下: 可网上咨询合格中医团队
- 建议服法: 每日 2 颗,30天为一个疗程
- 轻微症状者: 服用 3 颗,一天 3 次(可网上咨询合格中医团队)

Testimonial from Post Covid - 19 patient
Sharing from Post Covid patient and explanation given by our TCM Physician CP Kung how GHHS Lung Shield and TCM treatment as a preventive formula during this Covid 19 Pandemic

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